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Teaching Experience

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Stanford University

Courses taught at Stanford University

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Understand Energy

(CEE 107S/207S) Exploring energy resource fundamentals and system context: significance, potential, extraction/conversion technologies, drivers/barriers, regulatory policy, social, economic, and environmental impacts. Includes oil, gas, coal, wind, solar, energy efficiency, nuclear, hydro, hydrogen, geothermal, and others.

Urban Studies

Retaking the Commons: Public Space, Public Participation

(URBANST 146) Defining public space and methods for local communities to participate in its design, planning, upkeep and re-imagination for a more vibrant public realm.

International Policy Studies

UN HABITAT III: Bridging Cities and Nations to Tackle Urban Development

(IPS 275) Key trends in urban sustainability, global cooperation among sub-national regions. Coinciding with the HABITAT III summit hosted by the United Nations in Quito, Ecuador.

Urban Studies

International Urbanization

(EARTHSYS 138 / URBANST145 / CEE 126 / IPS 274) Understanding patterns of sustainable urban development in the United States and China. Optional field trip component visiting Beijing or Hong Kong. Awarded grant by Stanford Global Studies.

Civil & Environmental Engineering, Urban Studies

Defining Smart Cities

(URBANST 174, CEE 125/225) Defining Smart Cities: Visions of Urbanism for the 21st Century. Exploring what makes cities "smart" with global case studies and perspectives from diverse disciplines.

Earth Systems

GIS for Good

(EARTHSYS 127/EESS122) Applications of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for International Development and Humanitarian Relief. Collaboration with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Hasso Plattner Institute of Design

Design thinking courses offered through the Stanford

Civic Design

(PUBLPOL 270, DESINST 308, CEE308D) Using principles of public participation and community engagement to tackle challenges facing cities in the Bay Area. Collaborating with the city governments of Sunnyvale and San Jose.

Civic Dreams, Human Spaces: Designing Cities for People

(URBANST 104) Using human-centered approaches to design and plan better neighborhoods. Deciphering challenges of urban development.

d.Carbon: Seeing and Capturing Carbon Emissions

Short course on methods for evaluating, visualizing and communicating carbon emissions using design thinking approaches

Open Kitchen: Designing for the Senses

Short course on using the senses of taste and smell to enhance creativity. Collaboration with the Stanford Flavor Lab, including a visit to university kitchen facilities. short course

Prototyping SF

Multi-week course on developing ideas and concepts compatible with the Market Street Prototyping Festival, which tested prototypes of urban interventions in public spaces along the city's main thoroughfare

Everyday Social Good: Fostering Inclusion through Connection and Reciprocity pop-up

Streets, Squares & Roundabouts: Creative Tools for Urban Spaces pop-up

Green Alleys SF: Eco-Neighborhood Innovations

Short course based in the Mission District in San Francisco pop-up

Parks, Plazas, Public Spaces: Designing for Communities at Play

Multi-week course with San Francisco Chinatown as a focal point. Designing with user communities to improve public spaces.

Other teaching experience

Urban Plan for Public Officials (2018-2021) Training program for public officials with Centre for Liveable Cities, Urban Land Institute and National University of Singapore

Stanford Center for Sustainable Development and Global Competitiveness (2018) Summer training program for public officials

Disney City (2017) Research & education program with participants from US, China, Singapore, Myanmar

Retaking the Commons (2017, 2018) Joint workshop with CUHK, HKU, HKDI

Approaching the Human City (2015, 2016, 2017)
A joint Tsinghua University-Stanford University workshop. Visit

Human City Challenge - Beijing (2016)

The Human City: Design for People (2014)
A joint Tsinghua University-Stanford University workshop. Visit for more info.

Social and Urban Development in Beijing: Field Observation & Service Learning (Urban Studies)

Critical Issues in US-China Relations (East Asian Studies)

China Energy Systems (Civil & Environmental Engineering) 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014. Translator and later course coordinator, working with Jane Woodward and Karl Knapp. Understanding the context of China's energy infrastructure. Included spring break field trip to China and Hong Kong, including visits to solar PV manufacturer, wind farms, coal power plant, rural biogas facilities, eco-city, nuclear power plant. Formulated course content, organized trip itinerary and developed cultural competency trainings.

Guest lecturer at Nanyang Technological University, Tongji University, Tsinghua University, EISEE (Paris, France), NYU Shanghai, Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong.